The Equalizer™ consists of advanced algorithms that create a level playing field for all participants by adjusting individual performances to account for the physiological differences due to age and gender. (Equalized Times™)

These adjustments are not simple, after-the-fact adjustments to finish times, but adjustments to actual power output from remote performances that are then used in inputs for localized simulations over the onsite courses.

Battle of the Sexes

Traditionally, men and women compete in separate divisions, and their results cannot be meaningfully compared to one another. A top female finisher may evaluate her performance in the overall rankings by noting how many men finished ahead of her. If results were equalized for gender, she might learn that she actually outperformed them all.

Battle of the Ages

Having traditional five-year age groups (i.e. 45-49 year olds) is better than only ranking participants in a single overall ranking. However, older participants within each age group are still disadvantaged by having to compete against participants that are up to five years younger.

Even participants with the same “race age” (born in the same calendar year) may be up to one year apart in age. Without equalizers, a participant born in January will perpetually be competing against a field of competitors that are up to one year younger.

Benefits of Equalized Results

  • All participants, regardless of age or gender, can compete in the overall rankings.
  • Age-group rankings don’t disadvantage older participants in the age group.
  • All participants have equal opportunity to earn points in team competitions.
  • Quad Squads can be composed of participants of any age and gender.
  • Family and friends can compete against each other, regardless of age and gender.