Upcoming Race


September 8-11, 2022


1.9km swim - 90km bike - 21.1km run


1.5km swim - 40km bike - 10km run

What is RemoteRacing™?

RemoteRacing™ is real racing with real results. It normalizes different remote climates and courses to create a fair and level playing field. Final results are “localized” to onsite race courses from around the world and the finish times are what would have been achieved had all remote participants competed on the same course, in the same climate, on the same day.

"We Bring the Race to You!"

Why Race Remote?

  • Race more often without the expense and hassle of travel and time away from family and work
  • See how your ability stacks up to others in onsite championship events
  • Benchmark your performance ability in a race scenario
  • Compete against friends, family, and co-workers worldwide
  • Add fun and variety to your training
  • Get your results "equalized" for age and gender

How it Works

  1. Register for your race.
  2. Login to your existing RaceX® account or set one up free.
  3. Connect your training apps.
  4. Select your remote race in RaceX.
  5. Complete your race during the Race Window.
  6. Your results will automatically be “localized” to the onsite course & climate and "equalized" by age & gender.

Race Schedule

You can complete your remote race any time during the four-day Race Window which typically closes on Sunday. Here’s the standard schedule:

Race Window Open: 12:00am CST on Thursday
Race Window Close: 6:00pm CST on Sunday

Race Flow

Remote Races are as comparable to onsite races as is reasonably possible and only modified as necessary to make them more practical for mass participation and fair for all competitors. (Fair, Practical, Comparable)
  • Multisport race segments must be done in specified order. e.g. swim, bike, run
  • Your swim will be done in a standard-length pool.
  • Swim-to-bike transition time is not regulated due to inconsistent pool accessibility and proximity to adequate bike and run routes for many participants.
  • Your bike can be done outdoors or indoors on a smart trainer. You can ride the course on ROUVY for FREE.
  • Your run will be done outdoors and must start within 10 minutes of finishing your bike.


"Localized" and "equalized" rankings will be updated with times hidden as participants finish. Finish times will be revealed after the Race Window closes.