A variety of competition formats make race day even more exciting and fun! All formats are based on individual localized finish times and are competitions within a competition. Enter one, or enter them all. Share your wins with your family and friends.

Individual Times

This traditional race format ranks your individual finish time overall, by gender, and within your five-year age group.

Equalized Times

Your performance is ranked after it has been "equalized" to account for the physiological differences due to age and gender (Equalized Time™).

Team/Club Points

Equalized Times are scored on a 1,000-point scale based on their overall percentile. Teams/clubs are ranked based on the aggregated scores of all members. The innovative scoring model factors in age, gender, team size, and race size giving everyone the same opportunity to meaningfully contribute to their team’s score.

Quad Squads

Four-person "Quad Squads" compete with each other based on their average Equalized Times. The Equalizer allows Quad Squads of any age and gender mix to compete against each other.

Best Legs

“Best Legs” is a three-person team competition where all participants complete all race legs individually and the team’s finish time is calculated using the fastest equalized leg performed by one of the participants for each discipline.

Only one leg per team member can be used in the team’s time. i.e. If one team members has both the best bike leg and the best run leg, only one of these times will be used. The system will automatically detect which leg to use from each team member to produce the fastest overall time.

The team with the fastest composite time will be the one with the “best legs!”